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Introducing Kanakuk’s Worldview Kamp experience– a new limited-space experience for K-2 and K-Seven Kampers ages 16 – 18 that’s happening  July 25 - 31.

Worldview Kamp is 1-Week you can add on to your summer 2020 enrollment, where you’ll have the opportunity to grow deeper in Biblical understanding while taking part in a special week at Kanakuk that’s absolutely like no other!


How To Participate:
·        Enroll at a 1, 2, or 4-Week term at K-2 or K-Seven for summer 2020.
·        Must be a boy or girl age 16-18.
·        Sign up for this additional 1-Week experience by calling 417-266-3000.
·        Join us for an unforgettable week like you’ve never experienced before.



Things To Know:
·        Space is very limited and will fill quickly.
·        Only open to 2020 K-2 and K-Seven Kampers ages 16-18.
·        Kampers will stay at K-2 – Kanakuk’s World-Class Kamp for teens.
·        Worldview Academy will be led by Adam Donyes – K-2 Assistant Director and President of Kanakuk Link Year.
·        Exclusive opportunities and unique offsite experiences for Worldview Academy Kampers.
·        All the fun and excitement that Kanakuk is known for!



Call 417-266-3000 to enroll today!


As part of Kanakuk’s commitment to building next generation leaders, our greatest desire is for Kampers to not only have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, but for them to be equipped to defend their beliefs with confidence, grace, and Biblical authority. Kanakuk's Worldview Kamp experience will equip Kampers with an understanding of opposing Worldviews and how to respond to them with Biblical truth in a loving, respectful manner.