Our Staff | Kanakuk Kamps


Are you looking for a summer job that will change your life? Do you love kids and have a passion for serving them with your life? At Kanakuk, we are passionate about revolutionizing America's culture. Our Vision is to evangelize and equip the next generation to reach the world for Christ..

Each summer, the Lord uses over 2,000 dedicated, kid-loving, Christian college students from across the country who are committed to pouring their life out and showing over 20,000 kids and families what it looks like to follow Christ in a real way. Our staff shows kids that it's fun to be a follower of Christ through their words, relationships, and lives.

It is a calling that we take very seriously. We believe that the Great Commission is not a set of words on a page, but a battle cry for life. Whether it's teaching a Kamper a new skill or serving behind the scenes in the kitchen, our staff is committed to laying down their life so that kids would see Jesus in action. Our staff is committed to serving kids and families for the glory of God.

One Staff. One Heartbeat.

One Purpose. One Mission.


Why Kanakuk

We know there are many things you could do with your summer….internships, jobs, summer school, etc. We understand.  However, time is short and the world is fleeting, so at Kanakuk, we believe that there is no better way to spend your summer than investing in things that are eternally significant. 

At Kanakuk, you will be stretched and challenged in new ways.  You will grow in your relationship with others as you live in community with other like-minded summer staff and form friendships that last a lifetime.  You will learn more about yourself as you serve kids and families for God’s glory. You will learn how to do ministry with others as you are invested into God’s Word. Most importantly, you will grow in your relationship with the Lord as you experience a love here that is supernatural. Your eyes and heart will be opened to His goodness, His faithfulness, and His glory here at Kanakuk!


Our staff comes from over 250 different schools and different backgrounds. However, there are several qualities that you will find at the core of all our staff.

Love for the Lord

Our staff loves Jesus and is dependent on Him every day. Above all else, our staff desires to put Jesus first and live for Him in both action and deed. Our staff reflects the love of Christ and His name is made glorious through our lives.

Love for Kids

We are in the kid business. Our staff have a heart for reaching kids and building lasting relationships through sports camping. We desire to love, protect, serve, encourage, and challenge each kid who walks through the Kamp gates.

Love for Sports

At Kanakuk, we believe that the area of athletics is a great platform in which we can reach kids with the message of Christ.  At Kamp, we love to coach, teach, and encourage kids and families in over 70 sports and activities. You don’t have to be an athlete to work at Kamp, but you must love to be active!

Love for Excitement

Kanakuk is a crazy place! Kamp is filled with non-stop action and adventure. Whether it's dressing up for a wild theme party or riding down a huge zipline, our staff is fired up and going nuts every minute! The excitement never ends at Kanakuk.

Love for Team

Our staff is a team united under one mission. Our staff is selfless, never seeking personal gain or attention. We desire to serve and encourage one another in all that we do and say. We are all in this together and want the name of Christ to be made famous above all else.