Water Sport Adventure! | Kanakuk Kamps
Water Sport Adventure!

The lake is one of our favorite places to be at Kamp. Getting to spend a few hours in the warm water, feeling the heat from the sun on your skin just brings our the happy in anyone! No matter if you like to chill and be lazy or go crazy and have a blast, the lake is the place for you!


With so many different activities, being down at the lake is always a blast. Stand up paddle boards, kayaks, and sailboats. Wakeboarding and skiing and jumping on the aqua tramp, it's all a blast! 


One of the best things about being at Kamp is getting to experience things you never have before, and with so many different activities on the lake our Kampers get to experince something new almost everytime they go. Getting to have fun and fellowship with friends in such a welcoming environment is something so unique to Kamp; we love providing our Kampers with chances to make lasting memories!