See You Next Summer! | Kanakuk Kamps
See You Next Summer!
And just like that…it’s over. The 50 weeks of this past year spent thinking about, planning for, and praying over Term 2 have finally come to fruition and we honestly could not be more sad to see this group of incredible kids walk out of our gates tomorrow. These past two weeks have seen middle schoolers from all over the country be stretched and pushed in ways they have never before experienced, taking them a step closer to the men and women God has ordained them to be. But not only that, these past two weeks have also seen those same kids laugh, play, and live more fully than they have perhaps all year, filled with the joy and security of Christ Jesus. 
Together, staff and Kampers alike have had the opportunity to conquer the ropes course, defeat the high dive, devour bomb pop after bomb pop, traverse mountain bike trails, sink an arrow in the bull’s eye, sit around a campfire, jump off the bluffs, watch hilarious skits, and hear the testimony of our Lord and Savior as related by our incredible Directors. All of this—all of Kamp—is oriented around every kid hearing the sweetness of gospel, whether it be for the 100th time or the first… the blob is just a bonus. K-West does not change lives, only God can do that. K-West just gets to serve as the vessel through which that life change can occur. It is an honor to be a part of that mission.
Thank you for sharing your children with us these past two weeks. We learn from them just as much as they do from us and we cannot wait to see them continue to grow into the followers of Christ they are destined to be. To God be the glory, forever and ever. See you next Summer!