See You At K-West Next Summer! 2016! | Kanakuk Kamps
See You At K-West Next Summer! 2016!

Well folks, we did it! All five terms at K-West have been completed. Summer 2015 has come and gone at K-West. The cabins are empty, the dining hall is quiet, and the lake is still. What a joy it has been this summer to walk alongside the Lord in bringing Kampers to the foot of the cross. The K-West staff is eternally grateful for the opportunity to share the gospel while having the time of our lives. That’s a pretty good summer in our eyes! Let’s look at a couple of highlights from this summer!


Cross Talk. Getting to here the gospel corporately from Ward Wiebe and then talking about it in our cabins allowed for truth to be spoken.

K-Life. Dale, Reese and Mallie from the Valley, Buckley Morgan, and OAK News made K-Life the place to be at K-West!

Sundays. Coffee cake, church, fried chicken, and a fun afternoon activity make Sundays at K-West special. 

Activity Classes. Kampers got the opportunity to participate in activities they don’t get to do on a normal day. Activities like sailing, waterskiing, archery, the blob and many others create fun and allow Kampers to try new experiences.


Again, we are so thankful for everything that happened at K-West this summer! Thank you to each Kamper, family, and staff member that made this summer awesome. Follow Kanakuk on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or on the blog ( to stay connected with Kanakuk throughout the year. See you next summer!