The Ropes Course! | Kanakuk Kamps
The Ropes Course!

K-West is full of fun activities and adventures to engage in, satisfying a wide-variety of interests and outlets of FUN! Across the board, one of kampers' favorite activities is the Ropes Course. It is a fun and challenging way to work alongside a partner and accomplish a task together. Once a term, each cabin will have the opportunity to do the Ropes Course. After being harnessed up and listening to the explanation of all the equipment, kampers ascend 20 feet and tackle a host of obstacles and events. 

The Ropes Course allows kampers to learn about what trust looks like and what faith in action looks like. Belief drives behavior, and on the Ropes Course, the belief that the equipment will hold them and that their partner is trustworthy becomes actionable when they begin to ascend the course.

The Ropes Course has many clear parallels to life, which enables it to be yet another vehicle for the gospel. Life can be very similar to a Ropes Course. It can be difficult, but there is such joy in walking in community with friends that encourage us to press on. Additionally, in the midst of hard seasons, we get to live in the hope that is Jesus. Building confidence and trust are two things that can be established on the Ropes Course in the midst of laughter and nerves and encouragement and accomplishment. And oh boy! The Ropes Course is such a fun way to learn about life!