K-West Red, White and Boom 2016 | Kanakuk Kamps
K-West Red, White and Boom 2016

The Red, White and Boom theme party has been a hit this summer! We have four staff members who are contestants and they each represent a specific party theme. We have a debate in the boys gym where each representative tries to convince the Kampers why they should vote for them and experience their party theme that evening. The debate always brings good laughs and the Kampers vote immediately afterwards. The representative with the most votes determines the type of party we will throw! Our contestants are Tabitha, Chad, Mutton Chops and Darko. Tabitha throws a foam party, Chad a pool party, Mutton Chops a western party, and Darko throws no party but makes Kampers do work.


This term, the Kampers voted for Chad and therefore got a pool party! We played loud music, ate hamburgers, danced and closed it out with a poolside movie! It was a blast and a theme party we will never forget!

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