K-West K-Life #3 2016 | Kanakuk Kamps
K-West K-Life #3 2016

K-Life is easily a favorite activity at K-West and the third K-Life of the term doesn’t disappoint! Our programs team opens with a song they created and then we segway into fun games! Followed by games is the skit where we see Billy, Slavy and B. The plot continues as Billy is challenging Slavy and B to a dual in a magic competition. The Kampers love it and the gym is filled with laughter. We are left with a cliff-hanger at the end of every skit, anxiously awaiting what will happen next! Worship follows the skit lead by our worship team. It is a beautiful thing to glorify God’s presence through song. The message immediately follows worship where we hear from Joe White on what it means to live pure. We call this the purity talk. Joe captures the Kampers attention and emphasizes the importance of living obediently and pure before the Lord. Joe refers to his marriage often about the love he has for his wife. He tells the girl Kampers to wait for love and allow it to glorify God and not self. He tells the boy Kampers the same thing. As Christians, we are called to be pure in all of our motives, not only in dating and marriage. Our prayer for these Kampers is that they would desire to live purely in their thoughts and actions.


We continue to be in awe at the work of the Lord. We are having the best summer and look forward to another week with this crew!


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