K-West Adventures in Dentures Party | Kanakuk Kamps
K-West Adventures in Dentures Party

The Adventures in Dentures party has been a blast all summer! Kampers and staff dress up as senior citizens and get their boogie on! The party begins with two stations, one in the dining hall and the other in the girls gym. The whole Kamp splits into two groups and visits the stations. In the dining hall, a big game of bingo is played with many fun prizes like pizza, yahtzee, skittles and jello. In the girls gym, each cabin performs their own rendition of a “Life Alert” commercial.


After fun games and skits, everybody heads to the boys gym for a massive dance party! At K-West, we love to dance to fun music and let our dignity out the window!


We will miss parties at Kamp and the fun energy they bring. We are thankful for fun memories with our Kampers and cannot wait to find out what the party themes are for summer 2016!


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