K-West 2016 Girl Day! | Kanakuk Kamps
K-West 2016 Girl Day!

This summer, we celebrated Girl Day with a hillbilly-themed day! Our leadership and KPD staff dress up as hillbillies coming to K-West thinking everyone there is from the “west.” After the hillbillies introduce themselves, the Kampers rotate between three stations that are filled with all sorts of fun! They consist of learning how to country dance, prepping for a talent show and an obstacle course filled with hillbilly games. Lunch soon follows the rotations and then we go back to the cabins to prep for the talent show. The talent show takes place in the boys gym where there is so much laughter and creativity. Each cabin performs their own take on a Branson show theme! It is quite a hit! Later in the day we rally the girls in the K-Dome for a friendly yet fierce game of dodgeball! This is a tradition on girl day each year. To cap off the night and tie into the western them, we have our Jerseys and Jorts theme party! Everyone loves this night at Kamp!

We continue to be so thankful at the work the Lord does here. We are all humbled to be a part of His plan. Thank you Jesus for K-West!


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