K-West 2016 Cross Talk | Kanakuk Kamps
K-West 2016 Cross Talk

Cross Talk is an annual tradition at K-West. It is a time for the gospel to be corporately delivered to the Kampers. Every year we pray that truth would be handled accurately and Kampers would genuinely understand what Christ did for them and that as believers, they are called to obedience. We pray that Kampers would come to know the Lord in an intimate way.


This year, we made the crucifixion and resurrection come to life. We have Peter, Pontius Pilate, Roman soldiers, the adulterous woman and Jesus present in the story. Our assistant director, Kevin Harrison, wraps up the night with a message about what Jesus did for us and how we are to respond. It is a beautiful sight to see the gospel presented and to see heart change in the Kampers.


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