K-West 2015 Girl Day | Kanakuk Kamps
K-West 2015 Girl Day

Girl Day has been a running tradition at K-West for many years now. This day brings the opportunity for fun and learning what it looks like to be women of God.


This summer, we celebrated Girl Day with a grandma-themed reunion cruise ship! Our leadership and KPD staff dress up as grandmas who are on a reunion cruise together. They reminisce on their days as Kampers at Kanakuk and provide laughter for the girls. After story time, the Kampers rotate between three stations that include cooking with grandma, prepping for a talent show and hearing a message about dependence from one of our leadership girls. Everybody then meets up in the gym for the talent show where each cabin performs a musical number. It is always a hit! Lunch soon follows the talent show and then we have a massive lake party! The whole girls side of Kamp gets life jackets on to jump in the water, eat snow cones, cookies and listen to fun music! To close the afternoon, we participate in a fierce game of dodge ball.


Girl Day is a highlight for Kampers and staff each summer because it breaks free from a normal class schedule and shows Kampers how to have fun in a new way! We have loved getting to do Girl Day each term and are thankful for the memories that are made because of it.


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