It's a Superhero Showdown Here at K-West! | Kanakuk Kamps
It's a Superhero Showdown Here at K-West!

The Justice League was established by a group of the noblest and most famous super heros in order to protect our world from every impending danger it could possibly face. When some other superheros found out they werent included in this "Justice League" they got a little upset and decided to start a league of their own. With evil in their hearts, they turned negative and colorless.


What will happen when good meets evil at K-West? 


As our Kampers set out on their mission to rid K-West of Negatron and his henchmen, they got to run around Kamp trying to finish different activities as fast as possible in order to try and bring color back to the Negatrons. 



They had a blast channeling their inner super hero and in the end achieved SUCCESS; color was brought back to Kamp and the Negatrons learned their lesson!



The Kampers completed their activities, brought color back to the evil Negatrons and got closer as friends. 



Parties are such a great part of Kamp because they let us get out of the normal schecedule, go crazy with our best friends and give us a chance to bring our imagination to life for a night!


Superhero Showdown Term 1 was a success and we can't wait to share the fun with all our Kampers coming later this summer!