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Wednesday at Kamp

Wednesdays at K-Seven are a little different from other days. Wednesday is our Sunday, which means starting the day off with a little extra sleep before digging into a breakfast of Kamp-famous coffee cake and chicken biscuits. Girls and boys eat breakfast separately on this day, so the girls dance to Disney and High School Musical while the guys watch a sports montage that ends in a crazy dance party!

Of course, it wouldn't be Sunday without church, so after worship, Kampers hear a message from one of the directors. 

Then, it's time for Ultimate Free Time: an hour and a half of swimming, playing archery tag, chatting with friends, or whatever else Kampers would like to do! 

After Ultimate Free Time, we have a picnic lunch before taking an hour-long FOB to recharge before the afternoon's activities. 

The first part of our Mathletes vs Athletes challenge begins with a field day. Kampers navigate fourteen stations--seven geared towards mathletes and seven geared towards athletes. 


The best way to end a day of field games is with a POOL PARTY! 


After a quick change into party costumes and dinner, it's time for the second part of the Mathletes vs Athletes party which ends in a crazy-fun foam party!


After a long day, Kampers rinse off then head to bed to recharge for another day full of fun--WE LOVE WEDNESDAYS!