Opening Day 2018 | Kanakuk Kamps
Opening Day 2018

KAMP HAS BEGUN! K-Seven's gates officially opened on Saturday, and the much anticipated day did not disappoint! Kampers and counselors ran to the balloon arch for the most epic of Kamper introductions. As Kampers met their counselors for the first time, they enjoyed snow cones and soaked in all the fun of K-Seven's opening day. 

After settling into their teepees, Kampers made their way to the pool (the pool?!) for the BEST opening pool party they've ever experienced! Kampers blobbed, trapezed, and slid into the water while enjoying the sunshine and getting to know their fellow teepee-mates and counselors for the week. 


Then, a picnic! Kampers ate the perfect picnic dinner and made teepee cheers - a chant they'll be known for throughout the week and shout proudly after every time they pray. We ended the night with opening ceremonies, a night full of skits, laughter, dancing, and a way to set the fun and exciting tone for the rest of the week. As things settled down, Kampers did a small devotional in their teepees, and then fell asleep, all in preparation for the first full day of kamp filled with activities and fun! We cannot wait for the rest of the week with them!