Opening Day! | Kanakuk Kamps
Opening Day!

Trunks are packed. Bunks are ready.  Counselors are hype. There's an excited whisper in the air: "Kids are coming." 

Do you know what that means? 


We've been waiting nine months for today, and it's finally here--the best day of the year! 

At 2:00, the gates will open up, and counselors will come sprinting down the hill ready to greet their kampers with the best cheers K-Seven has to offer! Kids will be introduced on the microphone before they run through a balloon tunnel to meet the staff. 

After grabbing a snowcone made by one of our kitchies, kampers will move into their bunks to meet their counselors and new friends before grabbing a swimsuit and heading to the pool for the party of a lifetime! 

Dinner tonight is a picnic in the church, where kampers decide what their cheer will be for the rest of the week. Then after a quick shower, change, and trip to the Kamp store, opening ceremonies can begin!

Kampers will meet the characters who appear in skits throughout the rest of the week before they hear a quick encouragement from Keith Chancey, the director of K-Seven. Then, it's time for devos and brushing teeth before TAPS (Totally, Absolutely, Positively Silent) so that kampers can wake up ready to have the best week of their lives! 

We cannot wait to see you here!!