K-Seven Ropes 2019 | Kanakuk Kamps
K-Seven Ropes 2019

If you ask a Kamper what their favorite activity is at Kamp, nine times out of ten you'll hear either "Treetops" or "Summit" in response. 

Treetops is our high elements obstacle course, and it's one of our Kampers' favorite activities! There are twelve different challenge elements that Kampers must accomplish before the grand finale: a giant swing nicknamed the Screamer! 

Summit is our climbing/rappelling wall that's paired with two faith poles. Kampers climb up one side of Summit and rappel down the other before they test their faith by climbing up a telephone pole and jumping off (all while safely harnessed, of course!). We have five specifically-trained staff members who specialize in high-elements activities and guide Kampers through the obstacles, pointing them to the gospel the whole time. 

The third ropes activity at K-Seven is the zipline, which is paired with the slip n’ slide in a class known as Zip n’ Slip! K-Seven has the longest zipline in Lampe, and Kampers love to soar through the air before they slide down the slip n’ slide. 

While Treetops, Zipline, and Summit are designed for fun, they're also designed to remind Kampers what faith is and why it is important. Kampers must actively practice faith, demonstrating that they trust the ropes, they trust the ropes team, they trust themselves, and that they ultimately trust God. 

We hope to see you soon at the K-Seven Ropes Activities!