K-Seven Ropes - 2018 | Kanakuk Kamps
K-Seven Ropes - 2018

Every summer at Kamp, one of the most exciting activities Kampers look forward to is our ropes courses! Our two high elements courses are called Treetops and Summit. The entire Treetops course is done with a partner across a variety of different platforms. Between each platform is a different combination of ropes and wires, designed to help you trust in yourself and your partner to get through the entire course. 


At the end of the course, Kampers go off the Screamer - a large trapeze swing that feels like a great reward after working through the entire course! 

The other ropes course is called Summit - a combination of faithpoles and a rock wall. Kampers have the choice to go on both activities. For the rock wall, Kampers climb up the side of the wall and rappel back down the other side. For the faithpoles, Kampers climb a telephone pole and stand on top of it. After a mighty "3...2...1...blast off!" Kampers jump and grab the trapeze in front of them. 

While the ropes courses are optional, Kampers learn a variety of spiritual lessons while completing the courses. By having to trust in your partner, your belays, your counselors, and yourself, Kampers learn what it looks like to place active trust in the Lord and step out in boldness to try new things. After every class, Kampers participate in life applications and connect the things they learned during the ropes courses to their spiritual lives. Ask your Kampers what they learned at the ropes courses on your drive home! 

We are so thankful for our ropes staff and the opportunity we have at Kamp to participate in such fun activities!