The K-Seven Koscars | Kanakuk Kamps
The K-Seven Koscars

Hello, everyone! Welcome, welcome, and greetings to our parents, friends and families to the 2018 K-Seven KOSCARs! We are so thankful for tonight and the opportunity to be surrounded by such a group of amazing and talented people. We hope your experience at the Koscars is a night of entertainment, fun, and celebrating those who have awed us this past week at K-Seven. 

As the Koscars begin, Kampers enter the Lookout in their most Oscars-type clothing, tacky or not. The lights dim, the hosts come on stage, and the awards show begins! Throughout the glamorous evening, different Kampers are awarded with Koscars for outstanding feats and performances from the past week. Whether it be an award for "The best double-stunt in an aquatic documentary" or "The best set design in a western film," our host team loves celebrating Kampers for fun accomplishments that fit our Blockbuster Movie theme for the week! 

In between each award, the crowd is entertained with a performing act. Kampers are welcome to showcase any talents they have, whether it be magic tricks, singing, tumbling, or juggling - if our Kampers are amazing at it, we love to celebrate them for it! 

After the awards show is over, the Kampers leave the Lookout for a short intermission, grab a snack, and take photos together on the red carpet by the paparazzi. Once intermission is over, Kampers head back in for a crazy dance afterparty! There's partner swing dancing, as well as a few throwback Kamp songs from past summers! 

The dazzling evening finally comes to an end, and Kampers head back to their teepees to prepare for another full day of Kamp on Thursday. We love the variety this party brings to this summer and the opportunity to celebrate different Kampers for their gifts and talents! 

Until next year! Love, the Academy