K-Seven Dock - 2018 | Kanakuk Kamps
K-Seven Dock - 2018

The K-Seven Dock is a huge part of our Kampers' summers! There's a large variety of activities at the dock, and our Kampers frequently say getting to spend time at the lake is one of their favorite parts of Kamp.

After walking down to the dock, applying sunscreen, and grabbing a life jacket, Kampers are scheduled to participate in either sailing, kayaking, canoeing, skiing, or fun 'n sun! During sailing, three Kampers take out one sailboat and work to bring it from the dock to the other side of the lake and back before the class is over. Kampers can apply the teamwork necessary to successfully sail to their spiritual lives and understand the importance of fellowship and accountability. 


If Kampers are kayaking, they each take their own kayak and paddle into the lake. Not only is kayaking refreshing and relaxing, but Kampers also get to play paddle polo - a sort of water polo but in a kayak! Kampers again learn about the importance of teamwork and fellowship. 


Kampers also go canoeing - a perfect time for intentional conversations and one on ones with each other and their counselors. Not only are Kampers learning the practical skills of canoeing, but they're also getting to know each other and applying it to their spiritual lives! 

Kampers also have the opportunity to go tubing and skiing! Kampers get to spend one hour tubing with their friends, and then another hour trying out wakeboarding, kneeboarding, or skiing. It's a great time for Kampers to try new things they may not get to try very often during the year! 

The last activity Kampers get to do at the dock is called Fun 'N Sun! This is a time for swimming, climbing the iceberg, laying on the lilypads, or playing basketball on the floating dock! 


See you at the dock!