K-Seven Church 2016 | Kanakuk Kamps
K-Seven Church 2016

Wednesday mornings are special because we have girl's and boy's breakfast before church.  

All of the boys wake up and head to the dining hall for coffee cake and sports highlight videos.  It's a great time to celebrate our young men and encourage them to be spiritual leaders.  



The girls sleep in and then head to girl's breakfast where they eat coffee cake and watch clips from our favorite musicals.  It's a sweet time to enjoy and encourage each other as sisters in Christ.  



After breakfast,Kampers head to Church where they hear a great message from our safety director Dave Cribbs about prioritizing our walk with the Lord.  We don't hesitate to recognize that we need air and food, but we hesitate to acknowledge our need for God.  We work incredibly hard to be good athletes and students but we don't always put in the effort to prioritze the Lord.  We are called to pursure the Lord first in all things.  Our prayer is that as our Kampers head home, that their thirst for the Lord will be stronger than their need for food, water, or air.  


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