Holiday Hysteria Party! | Kanakuk Kamps
Holiday Hysteria Party!

Kamp may only be in session during the summer months, but who says we can't celebrate Christmas in the heat? 

We jam-pack all of our favorite holidays into ONE DAY. 


Valentines Day?

Got it.



Mailman Day?



Seriously, we got it covered. Need some ideas on how to dress for this hysterical day? We've got it covered here, too. 


The morning starts out just the way Cupid would want it, with heart shaped pancakes and any topping you could ever dream of at hand. By lunch, we've made our way to Easter complete with an egg hunt in the dining hall. The afternoon rings in Fourth of July with a block party and popsicles to celebrate! Later on, dinner is a perfect fusion of Thanksgiving and Christmas.  


And we still have a lot of days left to enjoy!


A station rotation is set up where each teepee will participate in fast-paced holiday-themed games and puzzles. Ground Hog Day whack-a-groundhog, President's Day trivia dunk-tank and Mailman day obstacle course are just a handful of the games in which the Kampers will get to celebrate. 

Sounds fun right? Well it's not over yet!


We've got to party on into the New Year! The ultimate dance party breaks out with some cookies and ice cream when New Years Eve is done K-Seven style.


Whew. We've had a glorious year, and it's only been one day!