Happy Kamp Fourth of July! | Kanakuk Kamps
Happy Kamp Fourth of July!

Yesterday was the fourth of July, and we did not forget to celebrate! The day started with a late morning and a few extra minutes of sleep to prepare for Man and Woman Day! Once the morning began, it was off to guys' and girls' breakfast. Our Kampers eat coffee cake and chicken biscuits at a themed breakfast for just the guys and girls! Then, we have church! Sundays are on Wednesdays at Kamp - which is why we have coffee cake and church on Wednesday! 

After church, the fun really began! Our staff dressed up in costumes from all ends of the spectrum, including Flynn Rider and Rapunzel to Princess Leia to the Lampe Court! We paraded through K-Seven, throwing candy and waving to Kampers on the sides of the street while they took a break from their pool party! A blur of red, white and blue balloons and streamers finished up the parade, and then Kampers had a picnic for lunch!

Just like any other Wednesday, Kampers had ultimate FOB (flat on back - rest time!), and then they began their man and woman day competitions! This consists of a variety of competitive sports - all with a twist added to them! They play vennis (volleyball and tennis), ultimate sports (ultimate frisbee, but with all sorts of balls), and a ton of other fun games for friendly competition! 


When man and woman day concluded, Kampers went to get ready for the night's activities. First, they attended the Koscars - our entertainment and awards party, complete with a talent show and dance party to wrap up! Afterwards, they paraded into the street to grab pieces of watermelon. Then, we walked up to the K2 football fields at the top of the hill, and the fireworks began! Colors exploded in the sky as Kampers and counselors got to make memories and celebrate this crazy fun holiday together. 

We are so thankful we get to celebrate holidays like this one with our Kampers! Happy Fourth, everyone!