A Day at K-Seven | Kanakuk Kamps
A Day at K-Seven

Although each day at K-Seven looks different from the last, we follow a similar schedule on Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. This year is the first year in a while where we have a separate schedule for Junior Kamp (cabins 1-7) and Senior Kamp (cabins 8-14). 

Keep reading to find out what a day at K-Seven looks like! 

Each morning, Kampers wake up and clean their cabins to start the day off right. Then they head to breakfast, which could be pancakes, french toast, coffee cake, or something equally as delicious! Then it's time for Base Kamp, where Kampers play a game and hear a word of encouragement from one of our directors. 

After Base Kamp, it's time to start the morning's activities! For three hours, Kampers blob, swim, climb, play, zip, slip, kayak, canoe, or do any of the activities offered here at K-Seven. Kampers' schedules look different each day so that they are able to participate in all of the activities during the week. 

Then, it's time for lunch, which is followed by a half-hour of FOB, a time where Kampers can read, write letters, make friendship bracelets, and rest before a full afternoon of activities. The four classes in the afternoon are broken up by a quick break for snack so that Kampers have tons of energy for the day! 

After the afternoon classes are over, it's time for dinner and a talk in the Lookout. We have a time of worship, then hear truth from Scripture. 

At the end of the talk, it's time to PARTY! The theme changes each day, but we'll either have Kampfires, a Party on the Prairie, Ready...Set...Game!, or Crosstalk. 

Once the party is over, it's time for showers and then TAPS--Totally Absolutely Positively Silent--so Kampers can rest up for another fun day!