A Day At K-Seven! | Kanakuk Kamps
A Day At K-Seven!

Although every day at Kamp looks similar, each one is filled with exciting activities and new things to try! Every morning, Kampers are woken up by their counselors early enough to spend time in the Word and prayer. Then, Kampers get dressed for the day and complete tip-top, an organized way of cleaning the entire teepee as a team! Next, it's off to breakfast! Before breakfast begins, Kampers gather to raise the flag and say the Pledge of Allegiance. After filling their stomachs with cereal, pancakes and orange juice, Kampers head to Base Kamp, a short devotional time in the morning led by one of K-Seven's directors. At 9:15, it's off to activities!

Kampers do activities for three hours in the morning, following an hourly schedule so they complete every activity Kamp has to offer before the week is over. Once it's 12:15, Kampers head to lunch! After another fun meal, Kampers receive exciting mail and packages from friends and family. Then, Kampers head to FOB or "flat on back!" This is a period of rest for the Kampers where they can read, make bracelets, talk, or have time to talk with their counselors. Next, girls head to Pow Wow, and boys head to FUAGNEM. Here, Kampers gather together to play fun games and then hear a short devotional from a staff member. Afterwards, Kampers head to more activities with their counselors!

In the afternoon, Kampers participate in four hours of activities, with a break for snack on the go right in the middle. Once it hits 6:00, Kampers are finished with activities, and then head to dinner! After dinner, the night's schedule depends on the night's activities. It may be a party, Kampfires, or Krosstalk. Either way, Kampers always travel with their teepees and counselors, and the night is filled with fun, excitement, and a spiritual lesson followed by a devo. 

Then, it's time for TAPS - totally, absolutely, positively silent! Kampers head to bed to rest and prepare for another full day ahead. And that's all for a typical day at K-Seven!