Closing Day 2018 | Kanakuk Kamps
Closing Day 2018

The dreaded day has come, and our another round of Kampers are headed home! BUT, we are so excited to see the parents and encourage our Kampers in their Christ like characteristics we have seen in them the past week, as well as pass along some encouragement to them as they return home! 


As parents enter the gates of K-Seven on closing day, it will resemble opening day - complete with golf-cart shuttles up and down the hill! Amen! Parents are able to browse the store, re-enroll for Kamp next year, and snack on some cookies as they wait for the doors to open at 3:00. Once parents are allowed in, the sweet reunions begin! Parents are allowed to enter into girls' and boys' kamp to find their kiddos they've missed so much during the week.

At 3:30, counselors will begin to gather parents and family to begin teepee awards! During this time, counselors present their Kampers with characteristics they know to be true of their character and an award they felt aligned with their strengths from the past week. In addition, counselors encourage their Kampers with words of affirmation and wisdom before they head home. Parents are welcome to take all the pictures they desire, as well! 

Then, parents learn our way of praying - "rocking up!" After praying together, the entire teepee moves toward Kamp-wide closing ceremonies! Here, our director, Keith Chancey, talks to parents and encourages them to continue an environment at home that will encourage their children to follow and pursue Christ long after they leave Kamp. 

Finally, the counselors let all their jitters out as Kampers are presented with a variety of awards, each one followed by an exciting cheer that is just a fraction of their energy and excitement displayed throughout the entire week. Once all of the awards are presented, Kampers and counselors say their good-byes, and Kampers and families are welcome to head home (don't forget about the golf cart shuttles!). In addition, a handful of Kampers choose to be baptized at the end of the week and travel to the lake to display their new life in and commitment to Christ! 


Although none of us enjoy saying goodbye to our Kampers, we sure do love encouraging them in the qualities, strenghts and growth we experienced with them during the previous week. We are so thankful to meet the parents who let us pour into their kiddos for a full six days as well! 


Happy closing ceremonies, and we'll see you next year!