American Bandstand Party! | Kanakuk Kamps
American Bandstand Party!

From the 1950s all the way to present day, K-Seven is dancing through time at the American Bandstand party! First things first, if you need some costume inspiration you can peruse our idea board here!

Now, here’s a breakdown of this fun event:


Naturally, our very own Lampe-fied Dick Clark hosts the entire night with the help of some rhythm-inclined friends. He starts the night off by welcoming the audience/Kampers to the live recording of this week's episode and prepares the crowd for an incredibly good time. 


K-Seven loves a good dance party, but only if every Kamper feels confident enough to truly let loose or dance along. Most of the songs have guided choreography performed on stage by the programs team, or Kampers are prepped with step-by-step instructions before the song gets going. We love seeing kids feel included and embrace their inner dancing machine!

For this party in particular, the Kampers will learn an influential dance from each decade. They'll travel from the hind jive, to disco, make a pit-stop in the 80s with Thriller, add a little Fresh Prince and arrive at the final destination by busting out the latest dance moves of 2017. And that's just to name a few!



Whatever year we’re in, a dance party at K-Seven is always a good time!