K-Life 3, 2015 | Kanakuk Kamps
K-Life 3, 2015

Just as other blogs have told us, K-Life's are our most hype and fun evenings at K-Kountry! Our K-Life's are unlike any other with the lights, music, dancing and skit characters! This summer, we have three K-Life's a week! Our third K-Life is always on Thursday, and it is also our most important because our speaker shares the Gospel in its entirety!



K-Life 3 starts off with dancing and cheers! There is always a fun surprise, like confetti, balloons or glow sticks! This really heightens the party feel and makes the atmosphere in Barn 13 amazing! After dancing, we always have some fun games and interesting characters come and introduce themselves! Kampers love getting involved in the games and watching all the skits!!



After games, we always try to soften the atmosphere with worship. Worship prepares the Kampers' hearts for the Gospel Skit, as well as the speaker. This is the last scene of the Gospel Skit, and the Kampers get to witness a picture of reconciliation and forgiveness. Of course, this reconciliation is a small picture of the grace and forgiveness that God shows us through His Son, Jesus Christ. Therefore, we are able to transition easily into our speaking time, where Kampers will listen to the Gospel presentation. 



Our Assistant Director, Joel Trainer is our speaker for K-Life 3. He does an amazing job at presenting the Gospel in a clear way that Kampers can easily understand. If Kampers have yet to ever declare Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, he encourages them to speak with their counselor. We do not push the Gospel or salvation on any Kampers, but we simply present the Good News and allow the Holy Spirit to begin its work. 


This is the night where we have the largest number of Kampers come to faith! When a Kamper comes to faith at Kamp, they get the honor of ringing the bell at our office, which is then heard by the whole Kamp! We love and celebrate salvation at Kanakuk and it is a good reminder of our purpose and mission here at Kamp!