K-Kountry Ski Trip | Kanakuk Kamps
K-Kountry Ski Trip

A day spent on the lake is a day well spent! 

The older barns here at K-Kountry have the opportunity to go on a ski trip. This time spent on the lake is where many memories are made, and friendships are built. Kampers load up into the boats and have about a 20 minute boat ride to the tubing location. This boat ride is exciting as songs are sung, stories are told, and waves are crashing! Once the boat arrives to the tubing location further down Lake Taneycomo, the tubing begins! It is an absolute joy watching Kampers light up and smile so big on the tube. After tubing for a few hours, the boats meet up for lunch or snack! 

This time is a really special time, we always have a water devo. We like to point out moments where we can see God on ski trip. An Example is that God is like our life jacket, without him, we would drown. HE is the one who rescues and saves our lives. We love to take a few minutes and allow Kampers to share with us their thoughts. This is a special moment because it teaches our Kampers how to train their minds to see the Lord in every day life through activities, and all kinds of things. 

Once we have eaten and completed our water devo, Kampers and Counselors LOVE to swim in the lake, especially on a hot summer day when the water is cool and refreshing!