K-Kountry Opening Day 2016 | Kanakuk Kamps
K-Kountry Opening Day 2016

Opening Day at K-Kountry is one of the most exciting and hype days of the week! We want to make everything as smooth and easy as possible, while making Kampers feel comfortable, excited and loved. 



After the gates open at 2:00 pm, Kampers are checked in and taken to the K-Kountry platform where they find out who their counselors are and their barn number assignment. Kampers are the star of the show as they walk through a giant balloon arch and are introduced to a crowd of cheering counselors. After their barn number is announced, the Kamper’s counselors run up to meet and welcome them. This is an exciting moment where every Kamper feels special! 


Next, the Kamper is reunited with their parents and walk together with their counselor to check out their awesome K-Kountry barn! Together they unpack, make beds and get situated. 


Kampers are then taken on an exciting tour of K-Kountry, the happiest pace on earth! They will also take their swim test and get to visit the Kamp store to check out the latest gear for 2016! Afterwards, all of Kamp has a picnic with hotdogs, hamburgers and all the fixings! “Get to know you” games make this a great time to start building new friendships. 


Last, but certainly not least, is our first K-Life of the week! K-Life is held in our legendary “Barn 13,” and includes a super-crazy-hype dance party, funny skits, worship and the gospel skit. At the end of K-Life, Kampers get to hear from one of our Directors or Leadership team members. 


Opening day is a blast! We are so excited for Kampers and parents to come and experience it at K-Kountry! 


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