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K-Kountry Dream Job Party
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What do you want to be when you grow up?! Well, our Dream Job party at K-Kountry is the perfect chance to dress up and live it out! Do you want to be a doctor? A hairdresser? An NBA player? A rockstar? Dream big because this is the night where all our hard work pays off and our dream jobs come true!!



The party starts by a buffet style dinner! Each food station is dream job themed! For example, you can grab some apples at our teacher station, egg rolls for sumo wrestler, spaghetti for doctor and smoothies at our surfer station!! Kampers love the buffet style and have a blast with our Kitchies, who are dressed in full costume! 


Following dinner, each barn travels around K-Kountry and visits different job sites! At each station, Kampers have to complete specific tasks and challenges in order to make some money! Different stations include: mad scientist, NFL player, news caster, actor, astronaut and FBI agent!! 





Each barn is competing to earn the most money! At the end of the night, all their hard work pays off! The Kampers get to use their "paychecks" to buy themselves a vacation!! However, the vacations are a surprise, so you'll have to ask your Kamper where they got to enjoy their vacation once they get home!!