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K-Kountry Cirque de Ole Party!
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Hola, my name is Juanita and bienvenidos to all things Cirque de Ole!  It is my pleasure to share with you what goes on at our Cirque de Ole party here at the Happiest Place on Earth!!


The fiesta begins with a Mexican feast and is soon followed by our Cirque de Ole Carnival on our K-dome courts. Kampers and los ninos are free to roam to various Mexican game stations in order to gain tickets to use at la tienda. Feel free to look up each of these Spanish words and keep them for future use and possibly for when you attend the Cirque de Ole Carnival this summer! Costumes, music and a slew of fun Carnival characters enhance the atmosphere of the evening! The finale of our Cirque de Ole party concludes with Miguel the Magician and myself, his sidekick, Juanita with final magic trick! You’ll just have to wait and see the final, suprise magic trick. Check out these photos for more of the fun! Ole!