K-kountry Bumblebee | Kanakuk Kamps
K-kountry Bumblebee

A Tradition unique to K-Kountry! 

As you look through photos on Kanakuk.Photos.com, you might see Kampers wearing a yellow button and wonder "what is that?" That yellow button is not just a button, it is very significant here at K-Kountry! Bumblebee is a way that we honor our Kampers throughout the week. 


Every day during Klinics, our staff is looking for a Kamper with a willing, positive, and great attitude. A Kamper who is joyful, works hard, and is a team player. The counselors dress up and act out a skit to honor each Kamper that is chosen. For example, for cheer and dance klinic, the "olympic dance team" has traveled to K-Kountry because they heard that the most willing, brave, and kind girl was here and they want her on her team! They will then announce her name and everyone cheers her on. 

Bumblebee is special because it makes our Kampers feel known, seen, and valued. In all that we do, we always want to point out the amazing qualities we see in each of our Kampers and Bumblebee is a fun way to do that!