I'm Third Groups | Kanakuk Kamps
I'm Third Groups

Discipleship year round, does it get any better?! 


Here at K-Kountry, we LOVE encouraging Kampers and teaching them about Jesus! We don't want to stop doing this after one incredible week! I'm Third groups were created to continue year round discipleship between Kanakuk staff and Kampers! Kampers sign up and will participate in a 45 minute conference call or conference video chat every 2 weeks! Kampers will download an app which has all the bible stories, lessons, questions, and applications! 

We love I'm Third groups because it allows us to pour into Kampers throughout the year, and it deepens friendships between Kampers! 


Every Thursday morning at Kamp, we walk through with the Kampers what an I'm third group will be like. They have the opportunity to say "yes" I want to participate in it, or "no" I do not want to participate in it! 

We have seen so much fruit from I'm Third groups and truly are big fans of the ways God is using it to grow his kingdom! 

Be sure to contact your Kampers Counselor to learn more information of how to get involved!