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I'm Third

God First, Other's Second, I'm Third, a lifestyle we strive to live by! 

Every Kamper that walks through the gates of Kanakuk, will leave knowing what the I'm Third Lifestyle is. 

God First: This means putting Christ at the center of your life in all that you do. Spending time with him, filling your mind with what the Lord says, rather than what the world says. Praying to the Lord for wisdom and guidance, before asking advice from a friend. 

Other's Second: This looks like counting others more significant than ourselves, serving them, putting others need before our own! 

Lastly, I'm Third is how to live this out. 


K-Kountry staff member, Mary K. Snapp states: 

"I first heard about being I'm Third when I was a Kamper ar K-Kountry in 2004, and it has changed the way I lived. The things I learned as a 9 year old, still apply to my life as a 24 year old. I learned to allow my barn mate to have coffee cake first, and now I can apply it to living I'm Third with my time, resources, and life. It is amazing how a simple phrase can infiltrate so much of your life." 


You can read more about the Kanakuk I'm Third Lifestyle and a man who truly lived this out in the link below!