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How to Send Your Kamper the Best Package!

Who doesn't love a surprise package in the mail?! Did you know you can send your Kamper packages here at Kamp?! Not only can you send packages, but on Opening Day you can drop them off at the office to be given to your Kamper daily!! At mail time, your Kamper will receive a slip telling them that they have a package waiting for them at the office! They are escorted to the office where they get to unwrap their package!! Kampers are always filled with gratitude and excitement when they unwrap the gift they have received at Kamp!



Moms are always asking for package ideas, as well as do's and don't's. Hopefully this blog post will help you to create and pack the best package for your Kamper!! 



Below is a list of fun and appropriate ideas to send your Kamper:

  • -Glow sticks and bracelets
  • -Pool toys, water guns
  • -Coloring materials: markers, coloring books, journals
  • -Hair supplies
  • -Stuffed animals
  • -Jewelry making supplies
  • -Little gifts for the Barn
  • -Bubbles
  • -Socks
  • -Board games, cards


Here is a list of items we ask that you do not send to your Kamper while at Kamp:

  • -Food of any kind: snacks, candy, gum
  • -Party poppers
  • -Books/Magazines



Again, we would love for you to send your Kamper a fun package, but please do not include any of the restricted items! Packages are a fun and exciting way to remind your Kamper that you love them and are thinking of them!