Fourth of July Kanakuk Style! | Kanakuk Kamps
Fourth of July Kanakuk Style!

The Fourth of July is truly the best day of the summer! 

This Independance day begins with fireworks and popsicles and end with fireworks and popsicles! 

Kampers walked into a red, white, and blue decorated dining hall and enjoyed confetti pancakes with strawberry, blueberry, and whipped cream toppings! Throughout the day, we didn't have a normal Kamp day schedule, we had an all day party!! 

Kampers rotated throughout Kamp and played freedom bingo, court relays, and capture the flag! One of the highlights of the day was the water balloon war! 

Lunch was one of the best parts of the day! We had a come and go picnic by the pool! It was EPIC! We loved cheering on our friends going off the trap while enjoying a hot dog! 


In the afternoon, Kampers ran around kamp for the American Extravaganza. They had the opportunity to collect coins to win a free ride down the zipline! 


To top it all off, we had a massive fireworks show at the end of the night!