What is Pod Day? | Kanakuk Kamps
What is Pod Day?

Every Wednesday at K2 Kampers have the opportunity to take part in a morning and afternoon Pod.  Pod day is one of the most fun days at Kamp.  There are so many different activies that a Kamper gets to choose from.  The day starts off a little earlier than normal.  Kampers head to breakfast than proceed to morning chapel before the craziness of the day takes off.  As soon as chapel is complete, Kampers race to their first pod with exitment and pure joy.  Pods range from Archery and shooting clays, to dating and dancing.  There are even a few different types of pods on the water that a Kamper gets to choose from.


One of the most exciting pods we offer at K2 is the boating, canoe and bluff jumping.  On this pod you get the chance to take a boat over to the bluffs and spend some time tubing and jumping off the bluff.  This is a total blast on a hot day, because there are so many fun things to do while at the bluff on the water.  After a few hours campers get a well deserved snack and prepare for the adventurous canoe ride back.  This canoe ride is a total blast and allows Kampers to take on the waves of the Table Rock Lake and laugh all the way back to Kamp with eachother.  


Overal, Pod day is a fun and exciting time, which allows Kampers to really grow in their faith and have fun the entire day.  Their are so many different pods that Kampers get to choose from, and luckily you get four different pods every term.