Table Rock Lake | Kanakuk Kamps
Table Rock Lake

There are many different water activites available at K2.  The dock is one of the most popular places to be at Kamp on a hot summer day.  Kanakuk hires specific staff each summer to run the dock activities and events.  These staff members are called "dock daddies."  They take care of Kampers and make sure everyone is safe while having fun down at the dock on Table Rock Lake.


The dock is the host of numerous popular activities at K2, including sailing, fishing, blobbing, wakeboarding and even wakesurfing.  All of these activites are so much fun, and a nice way to cool off on a hot day.  The "dock daddies" do an amazing job coaching and teaching Kampers how to learn and master many of these activities.  


On Wednesdays, what we call "Pod Days", Kampers get the opportunity to have longer classes called pods. They get a morning and afternoon Pod, both lasting about two and a half hours.  Dock activities are very popular daily, but especially on pod day.  One of those activites is called canoe boat and bluff.  Here, Kampers get the chance to boat over to the bluffs and take turns jumping off or tubing around the area.  Once the pod is close to finishing up, Kampers get the chance to battle the high seas of Table Rock Lake and canoe back to Kamp.