Sunday FUNDAY | Kanakuk Kamps

It’s Sunday morning, and that means that the entire kamp gets coffee cake. Kampers get to sleep in an hour later than any other day, then make their way up to the dining hall for the best breakfast at kamp- COFFEE CAKE!  After enjoying a very yummy breakfast, the kampers get to sit down in the church to hear an incredible Sunday morning message.  Every Sunday, God always finds a way to speak through our incredible leadership at kamp. After church, kampers go back to their cabins for a quick devotional and down-time to reflect on the message that they heard. Once lunch time comes around, the kampers enjoy another K2 Sunday tradition, fried chicken, before going back to their cabins for some relaxation and a time to hang out with the cabin.  After FOB (flat on back), the guys and girls split for the afternoon activities that are sure to make this Sunday one of the best days ever.


All of the boys have been looking forward to today since they got here 8 days ago. The classic March Madness basketball tournament is always a hit here at K2. Kampers get split up evenly onto 20 different teams.  A bracket gets drawn and dreams begin.  March madness is an absolute blast, the tournament goes on for a few hours before the final two teams face off. The finals are some of the most exciting moments for the boys at kamp.  Everyone is up in the stands loudly cheering for their favorite team. 


While the guys have been preparing for the March Madness Tournament, the girls have been hard at work putting together a carnival and dance routine to perform in front of the entire kamp. During the basketball tournament, the girls are busy setting up and putting together the finishing touches on their carnival and dance routines. At the conclusion of the basketball tournament the girls head over to the courts and begin setting up for an amazing night of fun.  After boy’s dinner, everyone heads over to the carnival for an incredible night. Once the carnival concludes, the stands fill and everyone takes a seat to watch the entertaining dance routines.  Overall, Sunday funday is a restful and super exciting day!