Specialties 2015 | Kanakuk Kamps
Specialties 2015

Specialties give Kampers a great opportunity to focus on a specific sport or to learn a new one! They spend two to three periods of the day working to develop skills in a specific sport! Our Kampers have the opportunity to focus on tennis, soccer, basketball, baseball, football, volleyball and dance! 

Some of the most unique specialties at K-2 include: Tri-Athlete, All-Around, Fitness and Nutrition and K-Wake! Tri-Athlete meets three times a day and it includes running, biking and swimming! All-Around is for Kampers who only want to spend one hour a day in specialties and more time in elective classes! Fitness and Nutrition is offered only to girls as an opportunity to learn how to cook healthy meals and participate in fun work out routines! K-Wake is K-2 Wakeboarding specialty! Kampers spend two periods a day on K-2's wakeboarding boats learning new skills and improving their form!

For more pictures of K-2 Specialties be sure to visit photos.kanakuk.com.