Opening Day Term 2 2017 | Kanakuk Kamps
Opening Day Term 2 2017

K-2 Term 2 opening day

Yesterday was Opening Day of Term 2 and we had a blast! There were fresh faces to greet, new parents to meet, and no shortage of excited Kanakuk staff members ready to meet their new "Kamp family" for the next two weeks!
Our gates bursted open at 2:00 p.m. and Kampers were ushered into the gym where they were anticipated by their eager team of counselors! 
After getting settled into their assigned cabins, we wasted no time before letting the fun begin! Kampers and staff practically raced to the zipline, water slide, and the notorious Party Barn to kick Kamp off with a bang!
After an afternoon filled to the brim with fun, we aim to mke even the first night at Kamp a memorable one. With a Kamp wide picnic, and fun cabin bonding activities, Kampers and staff are given the opportunity to get tp know one another more and establish friendships that will likely last all year long!
These next two weeks will marked by outrageous fun, meaningful time in God's word, and encouraging and equipping these incredible teenagers to live the "I'm Third" life that Jesus calls us to, which is, putting God first, others second, and ourselves third.