K-2 Party: Red, White & Boom 2016 | Kanakuk Kamps
K-2 Party: Red, White & Boom 2016

What better day to have a Red, White & Boom party than on the Fourth of July? This party was so much fun!

Unlike any other party, we had a “taste” of the party in the morning, and then started the rest of the party at lunchtime.  To start off the day, Kampers were woken up to the sound of fireworks.  As they started the day, they were decked out in red, white, and blue.


At noon, All-Around specialty created floats and signs for our parade, while everyone else lined the street.  We had a ton of fun at our parade and the parade led straight to the whiffle-ball field where we had a picnic lunch.  Kampers got to eat a traditional American lunch and play games at the Whiffle ball field.

Our afternoon activities consisted of:

·      Baseball game

·      Kickball

·      Swimming in the Wakeboard park

·      Snow Cones

·      Dunk Booth

·      Water Balloon Fight




Kicking off a fun evening of activities was another picnic! We enjoyed some great food and then headed into an epic dance party.  After the dance party, we went to the football fields and watched an incredible firework show with our friends at K-7 and K-West.  After the firework show, girls headed to Backwoods and boys headed to Fuagnem.  At Backwoods, girls kept the party going with sparklers and boys enjoyed a few more fireworks.  All in all, it was such a fun party!