K-2 Party: Beauties and the Beast 2016 | Kanakuk Kamps
K-2 Party: Beauties and the Beast 2016

The girls are the beauties and the boys are the beasts! A party where the girls want to overcome the boys and the boys want to be victorious.  Who will win?


What better way to get the Beauty and the Beast party started than with a fun skit at lunch? During each meal, our programs team did a fun skit with the song, “Anything you can do, I can do better” to build up anticipation for the party.

As the party was starting, girls met at “Backwoods” and boys met at “Fuagnem” which is where they meet daily for activities.  At Backwoods, girls got excited by watching a “Makeup 101” skit.  Meanwhile, at Fuagnem, the boys were getting hype by doing manly things.  For example, the Boys leadership team ate raw eggs and broke 2X4s. 

Following the meetings, girls and boys started marching to the front office at the same time.  Girls were marching in chanting “Ain’t it great to be a lady” and boys were chanting “Men! Men! Men!” Boys and girls then prepare for a chant off and then head up to the football fields for a picnic dinner. 



Following dinner, everyone headed to the K-Dome for the ultimate dance off.  It started off girls versus boys, and we couldn't pick one winner, which lead to a tie.  Everyone is a winner!  Following the dance off, everyone came and joined in the dance party.