K-2 Activity of the Week: Summit 2016 | Kanakuk Kamps
K-2 Activity of the Week: Summit 2016

Our activity of the week lets us enjoy a challenge 30 feet up in the air.  We love our ropes course, also called Summit!

Each term, every cabin gets to enjoy Summit. Before the Kampers get started with Summit, our Summit Director, Diane Harmon, talks about faith and why we do Summit.  Faith while doing Summit is so crucial since it is high above the ground yet resembles our Christian walk.  We learn three points regarding faith in Summit.  First, we have intellectual faith.  Each Kamper is attached to three belays, each of which holds 2,000 pounds.  Kampers have to trust and have faith that the belays will hold them, knowing how strong each belay is.  Secondly, we have credible faith.  We know that each belay is strong, but deeming them as credible and taking that first step proves credibility.  Lastly, we have a ‘marriage vow commitment’ with the belays, and our faith.  Once Kampers take the first step to head up to Summit, they are committed.  Each of these directly reflects our faith as we walk through life and facing trials and triumphs with our walk with Christ.


One Kamper pairs up with another Kamper who they will do all of Summit with.  This is such a great opportunity to build a unique friendship!  Throughout the ropes course of Summit, there are 18 different challenge portions, which ends at the zip line.  Whenever Kampers are done with the zip line, they then have the option to climb the rock wall and jump from the towers of faith. 

We love Summit because it challenges us and gives us such a great picture of faith!


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