K-2 Activity of the Week: Blob 2016 | Kanakuk Kamps
K-2 Activity of the Week: Blob 2016

One of our many activities here at K-2 is the Blob!


We love the Blob for so many reasons. This is a place where Kampers get to go down to the dock, compete with their friends, and cool off on a hot, summer day. 


Once arriving to the Blob, the Kamper says a few commands.  The Kamper about to jump onto the Blob asks the Kamper already on the Blob, “Blobber, are you ready?”  The Blobber responds, “I was born ready, huh.”  The Kamper jumping then says, “Blobbing” and the Blobber says, “Blob on.”  The Kamper jumps on the Blob and the Blobber goes into the air, with the option to do a front flip. 


The maximum amount of Kampers allowed on the Blob is three at a time.  If there are three Kampers on the Blob, a Blob War takes place to see who will stay on.  When this happens, the Kampers in line will start chanting, “One or none” because the outcome is either one remaining Kamper on the Blob or none.  If all three Kampers fall off the Blob during the Blob War, the Kampers in line will chant, “The Blob wins again!” 


We love the Blob here at K-2 because it is full of tradition with the commands and Blob War.  We love the fun, memories and laughter that is always happening at the Blob!