After Dark in the Ark Party | Kanakuk Kamps
After Dark in the Ark Party

Two by two our Kampers ran into the After Dark in the Ark Party!

Our exciting party started off with a picnic on the lakeshore.  Kampers had the opportunity to eat on the dock. How fun is that?!


After dinner, Kampers had participated in different activity stations that they rotated through Each with different a variety of games and themes throughout each station .

What are the activity stations, you may ask?


 *   Ark Building Competition- Kampers competed with their brother/sister cabin and built an ark out of cardboard boxes.  Once they were done building, Kampers had the chance to race their ark in the pool.


 *   Hungry Hungry Hippo- In our K-Dome (Basketball Gym) we had a life sized the game of Hungry Hungry Hippos.  The Party Barn ball-pit balls were what Kampers were after.  Each Cabin had a rolling scooter that one Kamper would lay on and their cabinmates would scoot them into the middle where they were to collect as many balls as possible using a large crate.  


 *   Park Ranger-  On the tennis courts we had the infamous Park Ranger game.  One Park Ranger would yell out an animal and if the Kamper had picked that animal, they would run across the tennis court like their animal as fast as they could, without getting tagged.  If they got tagged, they would then become an additional Park Ranger.


 *   Party Barn-  Kampers had the opportunity to fly like birds on the Party Barn swing!  It was also a time to enjoy some skittles because of the resemblance of the rainbow. How cool is it that with that rainbow God promised to never destroy the earth by flood again!?

After all the stations, Kampers walked two by two into the Ark (or maybe volleyball courts) for an ultimate dance party!


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