4th of July at Kamp | Kanakuk Kamps
4th of July at Kamp

What better time to celebrate America's birthday then at Kamp.  Table Rock Lake is a perfect picture of God's incredible creation.  There is nothing better than waking up and diving into the Bible while looking out onto the gorgeous lake at K2.  As you walk around Kamp almost everyone is covered in USA attire and exciting patriotic costumes.  


The day starts out as any other normal day at Kamp.  Kampers head to the chapel after breakfast for a quick word and then start their first period class.  After a few more fun and exciting classes Kampers head to lunch followed by FOB (flat on back).  After an hour break, kampers get a quick briefing and head back out to their last three classes.  Then the real fun begins.


Tonight at 6:30pm Kampers will line up at the flag for a special ceremony.  There will be a perade with candy and so much more.  After the conclusion of the parade, Kampers will be free to roam all over Kamp exploring all of the exciting activities that are open.  There will also be a picnic for the entire kamp with fun patriotic food.  Once it gets dark, all of the Lampe, MO Kamps will come over to K2 and everyone will enjoy a spectacular fireworks show.  Today is going to be amazing!  Happy 4th of July to all, have an amazing day with family and friends.  Be sure to follow us on social media to keep up with all the crazy fun we will be having.