K-1 Race to Rio Theme Party 2016! | Kanakuk Kamps
K-1 Race to Rio Theme Party 2016!

This summer the Olympic games are right around the corner, so we gave our Kampers an Olympic experience unlike any other.  Our Race to Rio theme party started off with some competitions between the cabins on the girl’s side and the cabins on the boy’s sides. With Olympic-themed competitions we were able to give our Kampers a taste of what real Olympians feel like. All afternoon our Kampers competed in order to win the gold medal (a surprise adventure). The prize adventures were full of fun and ended the night with smiles. The evening was filled with a picnic, optional activities where the Kampers could choose what Olympic themed activity they wanted to do, and a closing ceremony where the cabins received their prizes. All the kids loved the competition and are looking forward to cheering on the United States of America in this summer's Olympics. 


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