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K-1 Kampers are Defying the Odds
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The Bumble Bee's wings beat 130 times or more per second.  With its large body and tiny little wings, most scientists say, "You can't fly bumble bee."  But the Bumble Bee defies the odds, and believe it or not, it flies anyway. 


Just like the bumble bee conquered flight, our Kampers  conquer fears and master new skills every day.  Then they are recognized as "The Next Big Thing".  Every afternoon Kampers hear a buzz coming from afar and then enters... the Bumble Bee!



When the Bumble Bee enters, music is pumping up the crowd and the cheering begins. Clinic heads and activity coaches come up to the front and tell tales of Kampers overcoming fears and achieving new milestones in their activities. For example, Sammi was super afraid to jump off the tower.  Her counselor began encouraging her and  together they prayed that God would give her courage. Her friends on the dock were saying, "You can do it, we believe in you!" She ended up jumping off the tower and when she hit the water she had the greatest smile on her face becasue of what she had just accomplished. So that afternoon, Sammi was recognized by her counselor for her bravery and courage. Her name was chanted and she was brought to the front where everyone there cheered her on. Sammi and so many other Kampers are, "The Next Big Thing".



We get to speak life into these Kampers and build them up like Paul wrote in 1 Thessalonians 5:11, "Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing." We are so proud of our Kampers and all of their dedication and hard work. They strive to do their best in all areas and we are so thankful to see their accomplishments! 



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